Open Actuarial Textbooks Project Goal

The goal is to have the actuarial community author our textbooks in a collaborative fashion. GitHub provides a natural development environment to achieve this goal. See the Open Actuarial Textbooks Project Site for more information about this project.

Loss Data Analytics

Book Description

Loss Data Analytics is an interactive, online, freely available text.

An Open Book

An up to date version of the book is available in three formats, html, pdf, and epub.

You can download pdf and epub (current and older) versions of the text in our Offline versions of the text.

R Codes for Loss Data Analytics

Development Site

Another site is available for authors, reviewers, and others interested in the project development, our Open Actuarial Textbooks Development Site. This site contains:

Your Help

As described in our License, anyone can use these files. Especially at this early stage of the project, if you want to help and would like more info, please write Jed Frees